Yalta 1945 past, present and future

speech by Brigitte Queck scientist of international affairs

50 years ago, on February 1945 the three leading representatives of the Anti-Hitler coalition: Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt met in Yalta, to speak about a peaceful European order after World War II. Already in Yalta was founded the basis for the creation of an international organization the UN and its Charter of the United Nations, which should in future prevent any wars and which should solve all big problems in the world in a peaceful way. To this order belonged and belong till our day such important principles as the acceptance of the borders between states, or the principle of non-interference into the internal affairs of states.

The second is the main principle of a sovereign state.

After the non existence of the Socialist World System and the break down of the so called balance of powers between the Warsaw Treaty and NATO, step by step these principles were undermined under the pretext of the defence of human rights. Especially after the 11th of September in 2001, the USA were intervening into sovereign states and they told us that they had to fight against the so called terrorists and the other western countries had to support them. So it had been in Yugoslavia, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya and today in Syria and the Ukraine.

But indeed it was and is a fight for raw materials and geopolitical influence, especially in these states, which do not want to go the capitalist way of development.

Many people know that in Syria are fighting more than 100 000 soldiers from all parts of the world, paid by US/NATO and Saudi Arabia, to overthrow the government under Bashar al- Assad. In the Ukraine the regime change was long before planned. Many month before Maidan 5000 soldiers from US/NATO were already inside of the Ukraine and then they took part in the bloody fights on the Maidan and the violent regime change in Kiev. Till the 21 of 2014 existed in the Ukraine the plebiscite, it means, the right of the Ukrainian folk to vote for, or against the European Union, for or against NATO membership. But under the fascist regime, first under Yatsenyuk, then under Poroshenko, they did not more allow the folk in the Ukraine, to vote for, or against the European Union !!

Many politicians of the US/NATO are condemning the plebiscite of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea for the unity with Russia and also the agreement of Russia with it as an interference into the internal affairs of the Ukraine. But all those politicians are saying nothing about the circumstance, that in most of their countries, including the USA and Germany do not exist any plebiscites at all !!

We have to underline:

The citizens of Crimea took seriously the statement of all politicians of the Anti-Hitler Coalition after World War II: No more fascism, no more war!, which led at least to the creation of the UN and the Charta of the United Nations.

And we, the participants of this conference should also take this former cry for a world without fascism, without war, very seriously ! We should support Russia, which is the one state, which can withstand US/NATO with their policy of aggression and interference in other states.

Why ? Because the policy of US/NATO is directed against the principles of the UN and its Charter. Let us stand together for a world of peace !!