Brigitte Queck

Humboldtring 11

14473 Potsdam

T/F: (0049)331 71 17 71


To the

Secretary of the OON

Ban Ki Moon

New York

Fax: 0012129634879


Dear Sir,

We, the “Mothers against war Berlin Brandenburg”, expect from you, the General Secretary of the World Organisation of all states, to call upon NATO to stop at least the further genocide of civilian people in Libya by bombings of cities and villages in Libya !!

The people of Libya will go their own way of development, which is guaranteed by the Charta of OON.

More than 5 Million people of Libya went on the streets of Libya with pictures of Gaddafi, the Revolutionary leader of the Folk-Jamahiriya,

( including Bengazi!!) till the nightly bombings of Tripoli by NATO on the 21. August 2011. Thousands of civilian people are dying in Libya by NATO-bombings, not by Gaddafi !!!

What the NATO is doing in Libya is a cynical murdering of people and this is not covered by the Charta of OON !

In contrary these killings of Libyan people by bombs is nothing other than a disrespect of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols, which all are directed on the protection of civilians.

Please stop bombings!!! This is your task as the General Secretary of

OON !!! Your task is also, to solve problems not by bombs, but by ways of diplomacy, which were proposed by Fidel Castro, the former President of Cuba, the President of Venezuela, Chavez, by the President of South Africa, Zuma and others !



in the name of the “Mothers against war Berlin-Brandenburg”

Brigitte Queck, scientist on the base of international law, Berlin/Potsdam 25.9.2011