Brigitte Queck

Humboldtring 11

14473 Potsdam





                                                                                                          T/F: 0331 71 17 71    


                                                                                            Berlin/Potsdam, 20.04.2015


John  Kerestes    


SIC Mahanoy City, PA



John Wetzel

Director of Department of Correction

SIC Mahanoy City, PA


Tom Wolf



Dear Mr. John Kerestes, John Wetzel and Tom Wolf,


We, the “Mothers against war Berlin-Brandenburg” ask You, to fulfill the UN-Human convention and immediately order procedures to improve the extremely delicate state of health of Mumia Abu-Jamal !!


How can Your country and Your politicians demand, to fulfill human rights in other countries, when You do not comply with them in Your own country ?!


Could you please see to it that Mumia Abu-Jamal will receive – as soon possible – the medical treatment to restore an acceptable and stable condition of Mumia´s health !!


With hoping, that You will regard our wishes


“Mothers against war Berlin-Brandenburg” c/o Brigitte Queck